56 Reasons To Love Singapore

As we celebrate our sunny island turning 56, here are a list of 56 things that our SGN community loves and miss the most about our little red dot! Whether you are an overseas Singaporean missing home, an expat living in our sunny island, or just a fellow patriotic Singapore, thank you for sharing with us all the reasons why you love SG!

By SGN | 3 August 2021

“As cliche as it sounds, I love Singapore because I feel the safest & most at home here 🇸🇬”
– @herohow
“I love the variety of makan places we have! I definitely miss not speaking efficiently (aka Singlish) 😂”
– @ppyz, Pearlyn Pah, Singaporean living in Copenhagen, Denmark
“I definitely miss my family & friends, the hawker centre, the weather and most of all, the atmosphere.❤️ I love the food, the weather, the sights and sound, most of all the people. 🙌❤️😍”
– @fslharris, Fiona Harris, Singaporean living in Glasgow, Scotland
“Missing family, loved ones, hawker food, curry puffs, pandan cakes and a whole lot more!❤️”
– @khuizi, Huizi, Singaporean living in Hong Kong

“What I love most about the show was that it had bits of Singapore that I missed so much and some even forgotten. There were so many familiar sights and sounds like Tiong Bahru, the CBD, the sound of kopi being stirred, the Teochew play and the infamous pineapple tart cushion. I could still recognise the celebrities by just their voices. Dick Lee singing ‘Home’ was the icing on the cake. Happy 56th Birthday Singapore!”

“I miss being a student and getting excited for national day because of half day and getting to sing our iconic songs, bc THIS IS HOMEEEEE, TRULYYYYY, WHERE I KNOW I MUST BEEEEE 🇸🇬”
– @jellygxx
“Love the pragmatism and resilience! Even though things are difficult but to always make good decisions for the better even if it might hurt at the moment.”
– @gaylewhaley, Gayle, Singaporean living in Singapore
“I love the stability, ease of moving around and having good food on every corner!😍”
– @melmellysmiley
“1: Family and friends 2. Food”
– @elisadjuhar, Elisa, Singaporean living in New York

“🙌🙌 sorely missing being overwhelmed by hawker centre food choices 😅”

“Durian, laksa, carrot cake, otah, friends, relatives and more!”
– @adalinelau, Adaline Lau, Singaporean living in Hong Kong
“What I love most— the diversity of food (and oh so affordable!!) What I miss most— family, friends, the familiar sights, very affordable and efficient public transport!”
– @iawnave
“Love the support network and variety of food 🙌❤️”
– @daphinely
“Definitely the food and how things open late at night!”
– @capiiisco

“I love how we call everyone aunty and uncle even though we don’t know them 😂 and the true Singapore spirit shines when we help each other in a heartbeat! Love the feeling when I see “welcome home” at Changi airport after being away ❤️”

“Missing family, loved ones, hawker food, cuStepping on board an SQ plane with the warm greet from your fellow countrymen, when the little red dot starts to show up thru the airplane windows, the smell of changi airport, the cab ride to nasi lemak and the humid air that hits you once back out in the open 😍”
– @ahealingyogi
“The familiar smell of the SG air once we step into the airport, the foods and all my family.”
– @tifernie
– @euniceeunite
“Love the Singapore spirit! 🇸🇬”
– @yan_mei_

“I miss strolling around the city: finding books at Bras Basah Complex then walk to the museums all the way to Chijmes, staying at hostel in Chinatown and having dim sum at People’s Park Centre then tabao chicken rice to the hostel, going around the city looking for kopitiam and chicken rice, queuing at the MRT Stations and trying to find places with that small pocket map, also miss sitting at Starbucks Fullerton and watching sunset. I guess I miss SG a lot 😂”

“Nostalgia swelled whenever I see the familiar faces of store owners in the heartland areas, smell the durian scent in the summer airs, and stand on this land that groomed us. Words always fail when we try to quantify why we love. I love Singapore, simply because she is my home.”
– @singerporean
“The olden days when I was just a small kid wondering around my neighbourhood playing on the swing going down slides.”
– @_justplainoldmuffinss, Dorcas, Singaporean living in Singapore
“I love that Singapore has a garden city vision, botanic garden, parks and pcn 🌿 so many outdoor activities all year long 🥰”
– @berilgc, Beril, Turk living in Singapore
“I love our sunsets that stretch across the country!! especially on drives home on the expressway. all of us at different parts of sg but under the same sky 🌅 and posting the same insta stories 😂”
– @phoollielse

“I love the convenience of our mode of transport, safety, multiracial food, theme parks and how well we are taken care of especially during this trying times! The kampong spirit where everyone tries to do their part to help out the different communities!(:❤️”

“Definitely the local delights and my family. 😋 Appreciate the convenience of our transport and security, especially so after returning from overseas.😂 Found more interesting places in our little red dot to explore during this pandemic. Happy 56th birthday, Singapore! 😍”
– @jomel31
“I love how we can speak different language and dialect in one sentence and still understand each other. I miss how convenient it is to go anywhere with public transport. 🇸🇬 Love Singapore, my home forever.”
– @kayouti
“Miss all the food & well-connected public transport 😢”
– @txcwx
“I love that everything in Singapore is so convenient! ❤️❤️”
– @slothcattos

“I miss my family!”

“I miss my loved ones, hawker food & the special “at home“ feeling.❤️”
– @cuddlesfish
“I miss watching my nieces and nephews growing up and my parents growing old 😢”
– @jerryclim, Jerry Lim, Singaporean living in London, UK
“My family and friends, and FOOOOD 😍 🔥”
– @jie.jiechew
“I miss my grandpa and grandma, my friends and all the delicious foods in sg, especially Sambal stingray.”
– @mythopurrkins_the_boardgamecat

“My family and my friends. But what I will miss this year is our family tradition of watching NDP together over dinner. Maybe we will it watch virtually on August 21st!”

“I miss my friends but particularly most is my family. Even my 8 year old girl misses her maternal grandparents! Next is the local food 😢”
– @phoebe_beezy, Phoebe Ng-Purcell, Singaporean living in Christchurch
“I love the food and all my friends. And how it’s so safe here. 🔥”
– @jolene_chong
“I love all the amazing food, my friends & family 😍❤️”
– @bulletofthoughts
“Miss the food, and friends….and the shopping….!!!!!”
– @conchadelfont

“We love the respectful culture here, a place to feel united and a place of belonging. And of course the incredible FOOD! 😍”

“I miss being able to see my friends in person and eating at our hawker centers having our piping hot laska , delicious chicken rice or cold teh bing.😍”
– @strawberrylavenderr
“I love the fact that we can have multinational cuisine in one meal! Like Chinese, Malay, India, western food all in one meal! shioks! 🤤🤤🤤”
– @ningalingalingaling
“I love that Singapore in multiracial and in that, multicultural! 🙌”
– @t177any
“The variety of food here, and our hawker culture! Just not the same anywhere else. ❤️”
– @potatoepoppypap

“I love and miss my friends there, the atmosphere, the weather and of course the food! 😍😍❤️”

“I love that Singapore overhead bridges always have flower blooming”
– @euniceyxy
“I love that Singapore has a lot of greenery!!”
– @moonprincess87
“Love how safe it is in Singapore, we can run out the door to just about anywhere and enjoy park connectors, waterfronts and glorious skyscrapers.”
– @celest.lim
“I miss my grandpa a“What I❤️ most about 🇸🇬: It is safe (I can generally go out alone at night without worrying much compared to other countries I been to). Love the greenery landscape we have around the country. It is a food haven!”and grandma, my friends and all the delicious foods in sg, especially Sambal stingray.”
– @tunawhiskas

“I miss ordering food panda and having a late night meal at home with my family whilst watching a horror film that nobody understands 😢”

“Miss proper nasi lemak, pretty shopping malls and hanging out with my sister @nurbaya.samat 👯‍♀️”
– @grumpysoup
“It feels like I haven’t been home for a long time. Can’t wait for the day when I can visit home and eat all the good food and shop till I drop. 😂”
– @hepothamuth
“Love most (but for now) definitely miss hopping into the hawkers queuing for all the yummy 🤤 food and sitting down to eat down in the hustle and bustle of life 😢”
– @harasmi
“What I love most about Singapore is the FOOD; the melting pot of cuisines and how affordable good food is!”
– @kasvaaprint
“I miss the 21 deg weather where we acted like it was #winterinsingapore and suited up with all our winter wears 😂😂!”
– @thespace_topla

“Everything!!! For it is everything that come together to make Singapore our home.”

And there you have it – 56 reasons to love Singapore as she turns 56 this year!

For all our fellow Singaporeans and friends, especially those far away from home, we understand that during these difficult times, the homesickness hits harder. And we just want to let you know that no matter where you are in the world, Singapore is right there with you.

Happy 56th Birthday Singapore! This is home, truly❤️

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