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Finding yourself in an unfamiliar environment may be daunting, but we’ve made it easy for you to look up overseas Singaporean communities and contact our regional SGN representatives.

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Be sure also to join our network to stay updated on events in your region, developments back home, and to read stories of other Singaporeans forging paths abroad.

We’re excited about your journey ahead, and we’ve gathered all the resources you’ll need – from visas to relocating your labradoodle – so you can focus on expanding your horizons. And while you’re abroad, don’t forget to stay connected to home .

Before you go

Things to consider for your big move


Before the move

Visa application
Financial planning
Global Insurance
Pet relocation


Making the move

Bank & utilities accounts
Mail redirection
Health checks/vaccinations
Passport/NRIC renewal
Flights & logistics


After the move

Opening a bank account
Setting up utilities
Local taxes
Cultural integration
Staying connected
For a full checklist download our free guide to moving overseas


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