Ever wondered what it feels like living far away in a distant country, away from the familiar faces, places and traditions that remind you of home?

Anchored around themes of identity, connections and possibilities, A Sense of Home captures the real stories of six individuals who ventured abroad to pursue their dreams.

The six films were produced in collaboration with Singaporean film producer Daniel Yun and directed by local animation filmmaker Jerrold Chong.

6 Films 6 Stories


A Delectable Connection
Like many Singaporeans abroad, Donny keeps his connection to Singapore through food. Pandan Treasures is his special way of bringing fellow Singaporeans in Zurich together, while introducing Singapore’s culture to his Swiss friends and reconnect with loved ones at home.
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A Family Adventure
Join Rudi and his family on their exciting journey across the beautiful, expansive landscapes of Oman – sledding down sand dunes, camping outdoors and watching turtles as they lay their eggs at night.
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A New Home
As the daughter of a Korean diplomat, Jenny Chung grew up as a wanderer, relocating every few years as her father moved from country to country. Jenny recounts her experience living in Singapore and how this little red dot has grown to become a place she calls home.
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Love Across Borders
Through a collection of thoughtful handwritten postcards, Eve recalls her struggles and sweet moments that kept her going through a long-distance relationship with her husband.
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Off The Beaten Path
While many young Singaporean graduates were looking to gain overseas exposure in the United States and Europe, Zhi Yong chose a path less travelled - Africa. As he prepares for his trip back to Singapore, Zhi Yong recalls his adventures through the cities and villages of Africa.
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Melody For The Soul
Singer-songwriter and producer Shabir took a leap of faith for music - moving to the Kollywood capital of Chennai to pursue his music career. He recounts his journey overcoming overwhelming obstacles and fighting homesickness to achieve his dreams. 
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