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New to a neighbourhood, or just looking to expand your personal network? We would love to help get you started.

Whether you’re looking for new business partners or gym buddies, our regional representatives are happy to connect you to communities and people in your area.

Dora Tan

Coming from an NGO background and working a lot with young people, Dora is passionate about community building and social causes close to her heart. She also loves the outdoors and relishes the adrenaline of ascending a mountain. Now based in Sydney, she cannot wait to explore all that Australian nature has to offer – mountains, beaches, forests, the outback and more!

Alberenee Sim
Europe Continent

An extrovert, Alberenee likes to meet new people, hear and be inspired by their stories and life experiences. It also gives her great joy and motivation in being able to help bridge meaningful connections and forge mutually-beneficial partnerships at work. 

Jessie Lim
Continental Europe

Jessie enjoys meeting people over coffee, pastries and G&Ts. Inspired by her stint at BBC Studios working with documentary producers, she strives to bring a touch of creativity and sustainability to her work. She’d love to connect with communities in Europe to find out what collaborations they want to see, and what makes them feel alive. An active individual, Jessie likes to exercise and hike Singapore’s mountains on sunny weekends.   

Xuan Hong Lim
North and South America West Coast

Passionate about sustainability and tech for social good, Xuan Hong is always game for a chat to connect, learn and exchange ideas. As a nature lover, Xuan Hong is always on the lookout for carnivorous plants, orchids and succulents to create his “Gardens By The Bed”. On weekends, Xuan Hong enjoys visiting farmers markets and hiking with his two young kids and Westie, Nugget. 

David Ho
West Coast & Western part of Canada

Whether its training for a marathon, data analytics or talking about the latest start-up in Silicon Valley, David is always keen to meet and gain new insights. On weekends, David can be found chasing his two boys around, either on foot or on bike and on the few occasions where he is able to catch his breath, he enjoys binging on the latest Netflix series, preferably after a sinful plate of Hainanese chicken rice with lots of chilli sauce!

Qian Hui Chia
USA East Coast

It might look like Qian Hui is busy building communities of fans and friends in the US and Singapore, but don’t be deceived. It’s all a front for her real job – loyal servant to her rat terrier, Robyn, who demands walks, treats, and constant belly rubs. When Robyn is napping, Qian Hui somehow finds the time to teach Pilates, watch Wes Anderson movies, and bake banana bread. 

Charmaine Ng
North America (West Coast)

With experiences in the Singaporean and US tech industries, Charmaine is excited to be based in the Bay to further explore these connections. She enjoys meeting new people, especially over food (because that is her one true love) and to learn about their stories. Her other interest areas include yoga, traveling and learning new languages (she can speak conversational Spanish!)

Ho Koi Foong
East China, Japan & Korea

Based in Shanghai, Koi enjoys building meaningful partnerships and making new friends across East China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Outside of work, you can find him preparing for the next Spartan race, serving the life support community as an adjunct medical instructor, honing his French and training to be an Advanced Sommelier. Koi loves a good conversation as much as a bottle of wine, so ping him any time for a chat!

Marcus Hee
Asia Pacific

Most people may not know but Marcus started his career in a technology role, dealing with both software and hardware development projects. He also dabbled with business process reengineering, corporate communications and marketing roles. Today, Marcus spends most of his time talking to people, understanding their needs/interests, connecting people together, as well as holding these important relationships for Singapore!

Joanna Tay
South China

Nothing bores Joanna more than having a quiet meal by herself. She is energized by having people around her, be it over catching up with a bunch of close buddies over her favourite “mala” hotpot, or fostering stronger ties with partners and associates at work events. Joanna looks forward to meeting new friends in China and getting their advice on authentic Southern Chinese cuisine.

Valerina Yeong
Southeast Asia

Being an outgoing person, Valerina is enthusiastic about meeting new folks, engaging with family, friends and fans of Singapore, especially within Southeast Asia, and helping others meet their needs. In her spare time, Valerina is passionate about having at least one cup of coffee a day, binge-watching animes and K-dramas as well as finding the best plate of Hokkien mee in Singapore.

Patrina Lim
Southeast Asia

Patrina is a keen learner of the histories, cultures and societies of Southeast Asia, fascinated both by values we share and the unique identities that distinguish us. With a background in talent mobility and development and migration policies, Patrina is excited to connect with communities in Southeast Asia and growing and deepening the ties between these Southeast Asian networks with SGN’s global networks.

Nadirah Rahman
Middle East

Nadirah loves exploring Singapore and she enjoys extremely spicy food, spending much of her time sourcing the best eats in the island. She hopes to one day get to enjoy the delicious Middle Eastern cuisine she heard so much of, and immerse herself in the fascinating culture in that region. Drop her note if you would like to chat with her! Outside of work, this extroverted introvert likes to people watch while chilling at a cafe.

Ng Xiuling
Middle East

Xiuling is a foodie who loves checking out interesting new eateries and frequenting Singapore’s local makan spots with family and friends! She believes that food and nature are the best ways to immerse herself in a country, and is always game to share recommendations and explore places. Xiuling balances the good eats with staying active, and enjoys spinning and nature hikes in her free time. She is keen to connect with communities in the Middle East, so drop her a line if you would like to chat!

Jamie Foo

Jamie is energised by great conversations, and looks forward to many as part of SGN’s Singapore team. She hopes that some of these will translate into meaningful collaborations that make this country a better (second) home for all. In her free time, Jamie engages in what she terms “responsible adulting activities”, such as exercising and learning new skills, but also finds time to stay up-to-date with her beloved K-dramas. On her travels, Jamie enjoys taking long, scenic bus and train rides, as well as riding roller coasters.

Valentina Ko

With a background in non-profit, Valentina enjoys doing things that will create impact for people. Returning to Singapore after ten years in USA, she is excited to apply the same skills to rally the Singapore Global Network community based here and help them create meaningful connections. In her free time, she can be found training at her local boxing gym, spinning, or disturbing her adopted dogs- Captain and Loki.

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