Women to Watch

This #IWD2022, we round up a list of women across various industries who achieved commendable and meaningful impact in their field and communities. Here’s to all the inspirational women we know!

By SGN & GovTech | 8 Mar 2022

Amandae Baey

SVP at Jefferies (Finance)

Amandae has called NYC home for the last 8 years but constantly misses her favorite Singaporean dishes like bak chor mee and hokkien mee. After spending a decade as an Asian equities specialist, she is excited to embark on a new role in Tech Equity Capital Markets.

Milana Valmont

Founder & CEO at Kira

Milana Valmont is the founder and CEO at KIRA, the first Layer 1 network that enables market access to any digital. She has a corporate finance background and has been an advocate for crypto since 2016. Prior to KIRA, Milana has been part of the core team for Adcoin, Sentinel and Knoks.

Rikhi Roy

Incoming Systems Safety Engineer (Tech)

Rikhi is a Master’s student at Georgia Tech majoring in Aerospace Engineering and an incoming Systems Safety engineer at Wisk Aero, an urban air-mobility company in Mountain View, CA. She is a Brooke Owens Fellow, Aviation Week 20 Twenties Laureate, and founder of Singapore’s first Women leaders in Aerospace conference. She is passionate about advocating for the wellness of gender minorities in STEM and has led journaling workshops in Scotland, Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico City, and the United States at Georgia Tech, Stanford, Yale, and the Brooke Owens Fellowship. She shares her learnings from conversations with STEM leaders on wellness @rikhiroy on Instagram and @rikhi_roy on TikTok.

Adrianna Tan

Product Director, San Francisco Digital Services

Adrianna is a Singaporean who has lived and worked all over the world. She was a startup founder in Southeast Asia and an early employee of several top Silicon Valley companies. Now the director of product management for the City and County of San Francisco, she leads a team of product managers at San Francisco Digital Services where they manage the city’s sf.gov website, the city’s affordable housing website, and more. She loves building tools that create impact. She is also a founding member of the Gyanada Foundation’s Binary Story project, which teaches programming skills to public school children in Mumbai.

Cherie Chung

Senior at Savannah College of Art and Design

Cherie Chung is currently working towards her B.F.A in User Experience Design and will graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design in June 2022. During her time at SCAD, she has worked with Google and Deloitte Digital to design creative solutions. In her free time, she served as the UX Club’s Communications Director and founded SCAD Leaders of Inclusive Thinking (SCAD LIT) club to start conversations around DEI for young professionals entering the industry.

Yumin Wong

Staff Software Engineer, GitHub

Yumin Wong was born and raised in Singapore, then moved to the U.S. for college—and is now a Staff Software Engineer at GitHub. She’s also the proud mother of a toddler and an infant. Yumin integrates her love for these co-existing parts of herself by exploring the parallels between parenting and engineering—or as she calls it, “parengineering”. With the support she’s received to date, Yumin believes in paying it forward and recreating this environment of support and confidence for others in her field.

Dr. Sujeeta Elizabeth Menon

Social Worker

Dr. Sujeeta Elizabeth Menon is a practicing Social Worker for the past 15 years in Singapore and Houston. In 2020, she received her Doctorate in Philosophy (Social Work) from the University of Houston. Her passion for social work and social impact directs her efforts to create social change and lasting positive impact among young girls involved in the juvenile justice system. She is also a book author of “I’m a Social Worker – Let’s Learn to Advocate” and a co-author for an upcoming book, “Where Social Work Can Lead you” launching in March 2022.

Jay Li Quek

President, Tech@NYU and Incoming Product Designer, Meta

Jay Li is an advocate for human-centered design in technology and first started out as an intern at Burpple to help food vendors build their presence online, before interning at Meta to connect friends and family during the pandemic. Jay Li fosters her love for thoughtful product design to the communities around her, as President of her school’s tech club, Tech@NYU and has also hosted workshops with designers at Google. Passionate about social impact, she volunteered at TechLadies to create software for non-profits in Singapore. She joins Meta as a product designer this summer.

Judge Marissa A. Hutabarat

First City Court for the City of New Orleans

In August 2020, Judge Marissa Hutabarat was elected to serve as a judge in First City Court for the City of New Orleans in Louisiana. From a young age, her immigrant parents from Thailand and Singapore taught her the importance of education, hard work, and giving back to the community. It is their example that has propelled her and continues to motivate her. Judge Hutabarat attained her law degree from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. Immediately after law school, she worked on both sides of the bench, first as a judicial law clerk for three (3) different judges in the trial and appellate courts and subsequently as an advocate for members of the public as a civil litigation attorney. Her desire to serve the community she fell in love with drove her to offer herself as a candidate to serve as a judge. It is Judge Hutabarat’s compassion, courage, and commitment that continues to provide her with the ability to serve the public well, with respect, and with kindness.

Edwina Yeo

Co-founder and CEO, SuperMomos

Edwina is the co-founder of Supermomos, a network of curated professional communities. Her vision is to bring together likeminded people in similar and adjacent fields in the same city, where the possibilities are endless – make meaningful connections, exchange knowledge, share opportunities, and forge sustainable friendships. Pivoting from a career in consulting and venture capital, Edwina has been building out her vision with the Supermomos app, testing and iterating on-the-go. As CEO, she personally visited multiple cities, to start communities from ground zero and figure out ways to keep the connections growing. Today, Supermomos has a thriving community in several cities and has been a saving grace in a time where more are feeling alienated with decreasing in-person work experiences.

Ai-Lin Lim

Community Connector, Singaporeans in Seattle

Ai-Lin has always been on the move, from moving to Singapore at a young age, to building her own family in the US. First-hand immigrant experiences helped her realise the importance of connecting to a community and supporting each other in a foreign land. Both her and her husband, Clement, are dedicated to building a close-knit Singaporean community in Washington state. They host dinners to welcome newly arrived Singaporeans and Ai-Lin has even “collected” stories from Singaporeans in Seattle to put into books to commemorate National Day! For her, it is both rewarding and fulfilling to see the community flourish and to see friendships grow through the years amongst Singaporeans in Seattle.

Chia Ying Lee

Principal Research Scientist, Motorola Solutions Inc.

Chia Ying is a Principal Research Scientist at Motorola Solutions, Inc., working in artificial intelligence and analytics for video security systems. She brings her love of math and statistics everywhere and has extensive experience both in academia and industry. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics from Brown and acquired postdoctoral experience at The University of British Columbia and SAMSI, among other distinctions in the field. In the community, she is a US Figure Skating judge and strong advocate for adult skating. She also champions diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), having served on her company’s DEI committee, while also participating in DEI conversations amongst Singaporeans in the US.

Jasmin Young

CEO, Netreo and Co-Founder, SingaporeConnect

Jasmin is a CEO, community leader and mother of 3 beautiful boys. She leads Netreo, a private equity-owned IT management software company, which has been on Inc 5000’s list of fastest growing companies for 5 consecutive years. She is also co-founder of SingaporeConnect, a San Francisco Bay Area community of 700+ Singaporeans passionate about food and fun. Jasmin believes in being a “student always” and in constantly “challenging the status quo” – in addition to her MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, she is currently pursuing her doctorate at the Universify of Southern California.

Rainy Fu

Senior Art Director, Spotify

With 12+ years of experience in branding, graphic design and motion graphics, Rainy is an established Senior Art Director who has worked with top brands such as Pepsi, Superbowl XLVII and Adidas. Most recently, she directed Spotify’s flagship K-pop ON! playlist campaign. Graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, as a Singapore Media Authority scholar, Rainy has kept relevant with the Singapore-New York design and arts community by giving lectures at her alma mata. In her own time, she loves watercolour painting and has even been featured in local Brooklyn news with her Cityfuuds series that iconizes New York’s culinary scene.

Karen Tay

Head of Corporate Strategy and Operations, Iterative Scopes

Karen leads in strategy, operations and talent across both the technology and public sectors. As current Head of Corporate Strategy and Operations at Iterative Scopes, which uses machine learning to close inequalities in the gastrointestinal disease industry, Karen leads operational infrastructure and hacks for blitzscaling. Aside from this, she is also a mum of 2 wonderful daughters! Karen has been recognized as a Women’s Forum Rising Talent, Business Times Top Women in STEM and Asia21 Young Leader. She is also a faculty member for Silicon Valley’s Singularity University, an editor of Technology and Public Good and is also an executive coach focused on supporting women and minorities in tech.

Karen is recruiting! Check out opportunities at

Vaishnavi J

Head of Youth Wellbeing, Meta

Vaishnavi is Head of Youth Wellbeing at Meta, leading a team that ensures Meta continues to build safe and healthy experiences for young people. These include dealing with nuanced issues ranging from body image to bullying & harassment to teen wellbeing. She also holds a dual position as Instagram’s Head of Safety & Wellbeing. Vaishnavi previously led Twitter’s video safety policy efforts, was Twitter’s first head of safety policy in the Asia-Pacific region and began her career in tech policy working on online child safety and privacy policy issues at Google – basically an industry OG! She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and received her Master of Laws from the University of Hong Kong, with a focus on international IT & IP law.

Sarah Tan

Engineering Lead, Rec Room

Sarah was a fan of Virtual Reality (VR) long before the Metaverse was a thing. She is the Engineering Lead for Product Growth at the fast-growing, cross platform game, Rec Room. Keen on giving back, Sarah has guest lectured at her alma mater NUS and given a number of talks in both international and Singaporean gaming communities. Outside of work, she is helping out on Ghostlore, an Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) which celebrates Singapore’s culture. You can look forward to more details on the game in SCOOP’s April feature!

Abigail Goh


Abigail is an award-winning illustrator with a knack for bold and conceptual images. Her illustrations have graced the pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. Her unique works have even kickstarted Google conferences and screened on the billboards in Times Square! In 2021, Abigail won prestigious silver medal from the Society of Illustrators. She is a proud member of the New York Mycological Society (mushrooms) and finds great joy in foraging and fungi.

Rajoshi Ghosh

Co-founder, Hasura

Rajoshi is the co-founder & COO of Hasura, a company that provides an instant unified GraphQL API to accelerate data access and development of modern apps and APIs. Prior to starting Hasura, Rajoshi ran a technology consulting firm that focused on helping companies move from monoliths to microservice architectures. In her prior life she was a bioinformatics researcher who has been published in Nature.

Huiqing Han

Ecosystem Collaborations & Asia Growth Lead, Protocol Labs

HQ’s work lies in the growing Web3.0 space, where she has particular expertise in growing and scaling decentralized ecosystems and is an avid startup advisor and mentor. She currently leads Ecosystem Collaborations and Asia Growth at Protocol Labs (the open source R&D lab behind Filecoin, IPFS and libp2p et al). Singapore continues to be an important part of her work, having previously worked closely with Temasek and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), amongst others.

Davina Yeo

Chief of Staff, Microsoft for Startups

Davina has deep roots and 20 years in the tech ecosystem – from being a part of launching Microsoft’s cloud services in Asia Pacific, to COO for Microsoft Indonesia and now global Chief of Staff for Microsoft for Startups. Davina believes in empowerment through education and is passionate about mentoring young females in tech. True to her word, she believes in always learning and recently completed her MBA at Northwestern-Kellogg School of Management. She’s a mom to three kids. When not ferrying them to their various sporting activities, she’s busy in the kitchen evangelising Singaporean food in her community through pop up events.

Jiezhen Wu

Senior Consultant and Coach, Linden Leadership

Jiezhen is a senior consultant and coach at Linden Leadership, where she works with leaders and organizations to build a more intentional, inclusive and impactful world. Most recently, she was also an Equity and Inclusion Fellow and part of the Mindful Leaders Collective at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, where she completed her master’s degree focusing on leadership and inclusion in organizations. Before Harvard, Jiezhen was the Executive Director of a social enterprise and media platform, The Hidden Good, for several years – and she continues to serve on its board, as well as a number of nonprofit boards in Singapore that work with youth, education and social impact.

Aihui Ong

General Partner, Transform Capital

Aihui is a software engineer turned serial entrepreneur turned investor. As General Partner at Transform Capital, she invests in growth-stage startups with a commitment to philanthropy where 50% of General Partners’ profits are donated to nonprofits. Prior to that, she has built, launched, and ran multiple highly successful, technology-based businesses, including one of INC Top 10 fastest-growing, female-led companies in America, EdgiLife – an AI insights platform for CPG companies that successfully exited in 2018. She’s also passionate about helping underrepresented founders. She is a Partner at XFactor Ventures, where she backs leading female founders, coaches founders to be CEOs and is a mentor at 500 Global and TechStars

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