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Fighting Food Waste One Crust at a Time

Meet Travin Singh, the Singaporean who founded Crust Group to upcycle surplus bread and fruit peels into beers and sodas. He describes how, within just three years, a side hustle has grown into a seed-funded startup that is fast expanding into Japan, Taiwan and beyond.

Connecting the Little Red Dots: Singapore’s Emerging Blueprint for Future-Proof Food

Ryan Huling from The Good Food Institute Asia Pacific elaborates how Singapore is robustly cultivating a thriving alternative protein ecosystem.

How This Restaurateur Launched 3 Concepts amid a Pandemic

Gibran Baydoun recounts his move from New York to Singapore at 27 – using his passport for the first time in the process – the thrills and spills of opening restaurants in a pandemic, and his fondest food memories in Singapore.


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3 things I learned from working on Ghostlore, a game that celebrates Singapore’s culture

As a Singaporean game developer based in USA, Sarah has never seen Singapore’s culture represented in games. Ghostlore, a Diablo inspired Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) based on Southeast Asian folklore, is an attempt to change that. Planned for an Early Access release on Steam in April 2022, she takes us behind the scenes to share some interesting facts about the game!

Cook up a feast this Roar-some Year of the Tiger

The Lunar New Year is all about family, friends, and of course the all-important FOOD! This festive season, we rounded up two delectable recipes just to usher in the year of the Tiger. Betty Shoga, Singaporean and owner of Ginger Modern Asian Bistro in Shanghai shares with us the tips behind a very refreshing yusheng salad and lotus chicken wrapped in parchment paper – definitely one to wow your guests! Watch our step-by-step instructional video to cook up a feast for this coming New Year!

How to Have a Roaring New Year: Lunar New Year Celebrations Around the World

We invite members of the Singapore Global Network to share the different ways in which they are ushering in the Year of the Tiger in Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney and Singapore.


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Searching for my Shanghai Soul Sisters

Who runs the world? GIRLS! This month, in celebration of International Women’s Day, Eve shares her story of how she found her tribe of sisters in a Shanghai and grew a supportive community of women from just 4 people in 2009 to the extensive Thursday Tai Tai (TTT) family it is today.

Inside the life of an Avengers, Star Wars and Jurassic World VFX artist in Singapore

Despite the demanding hours of his work – creating visual effects for some of the biggest and most influential productions in Hollywood – Ben Tillmann takes time out for artistic and athletic pursuits such as photography and representing Singapore in international dragon boat competitions. He talks to us about his enduring love for his job and how he’s enjoyed life in Singapore over the past ten years.

5Qs with Ethel Koh, Pastry Chef

Foodies in San Francisco will be no stranger to Michelin Guide – Japanese restaurant, Gozu. But did you know that the pastry chef is Singaporean? Find out more about Ethel’s culinary journey in the U.S. and the inspiration behind her delectable treats!


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5Qs with Jane Shi, Character Designer and Illustrator

Our 5Qs series is a chance for the SGN members to know more about folks in the community, where we pose 5 questions to exciting individuals to find out more about what they do.

A Singaporean Chef’s Recipe for Success

With a spoonful of drive, a dollop of hard work, a splash of opportunity and a bucketful of determination, Mathew Leong may well be on his way to his dream of opening a Michelin starred restaurant. Find out how a 13-year-old’s brush with a simple salmon dish fuelled him to the head chef position at Norway’s RE-NAA today.

From flipping sneakers to minting women-led NFTs: Two-time 7-figure entrepreneur Lily Wu charts her startup journey

Sydney-born Lily Wu bootstrapped her first business at 16 and her second when she was barely out of her teens. Currently based in Singapore, the Southeast Asia Startup Partner Lead at Stripe is also a co-founder of WOW Pixies – the first NFT club to invest in women- and diversity-led projects – which sold out within three days of launching.


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How These Fresh Grads Built an Edtech for Rural Communities

Edwin Ho and Deevak Premdas persevered through a series of failed startups before finally gaining traction with Edsy Bitsy, an edtech for low- to middle-income communities in Asia and Africa.

Why you should join the tech industry in Southeast Asia

With demand for talent far outstripping supply, tech companies in Southeast Asia are both widening their hiring pool and paying top dollar to attract talent. Recruitment veteran Tan Jin Han, APAC Vice President (Technology) at Selby Jennings, shares insights into how mid-careerists can navigate offers and even switch tracks to join the tech industry.

How “Regulated DeFi” Will Ensure Financial Inclusion

Access to high quality investment products (like listed securities or private equity assets) has always been restricted to accredited or institutional investors. InterOpera’s founder Will Lee and CEO Michael Chin explain how they are designing an infrastructure to ensure safe and equitable access to such investments for all.

Why international tech startup Parcel Perform chose Singapore to raise funds and grow its business

Singapore is a vibrant location for tech start-ups looking for funding, but it never hurts to have some practical guidance on how to shortlist the right partners for your company. Learn from Dr Arne Jeroschewski as he shares how Parcel Perform found its strategic investors in Singapore and what other startup founders should keep in mind as they engage the multitude of investors in the tech node.


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