“Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.” From heartfelt stories and insights from our global network to the insider scoop on life in Singapore – join us on our journey as we explore topics close to heart.


Third time’s the charm: Reflections by igloocompany’s Anthony Chow on his startup journey from Singapore to the U.S.

Most entrepreneurs agree that the best part about starting their own business is being able to contribute to something bigger than themselves. Anthony Chow, CEO and co-founder of igloocompany, reflects on his journey scaling igloocompany to over 100 countries and shares his advice for other tech startups who aspire to expand beyond Singapore’s borders.

The man behind the woman – Meet the Israeli co-founder and co-designer of Singapore fashion brand GINLEE Studio

In more ways than one, Tamir Niv is a life partner to his wife of eight years, Gin Lee. With their days intertwined, Tamir and Gin juggle family and business, raising two young children while melding their cultures and expertise to build one of the most innovative fashion labels in Singapore.

Say No to Greenwashing: LUXE Botanics Is a Singapore-based Sustainable Beauty Brand Led by Science

Co-owners Jené Roestorf and Rachel Chan say that LUXE Botanics, a business that has expanded into 12 markets internationally, stands for both the power of nature and the truth of science, and is “not like every other green brand out there”.

Inside the Fast-Moving, High-Pressure Life at UK’s Biggest Fintech

From the cryptocurrency boom to the rise of buy-now-pay-later, the fintech industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Eric Chin, 28, shares about the rapid rise of his career at Revolut, a startup whose value has grown to a whopping US$33 billion.


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How to Have a Roaring New Year: Lunar New Year Celebrations Around the World

We invite members of the Singapore Global Network to share the different ways in which they are ushering in the Year of the Tiger in Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney and Singapore.

The Great Zodiac Race – Singapore Edition

Many are familiar with the 12-year Chinese Zodiac cycle, in which each year is represented by one of 12 animals: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, dog and pig. This story has its roots in Chinese mythology, where the Jade Emperor – the ruler of all gods – hosted a big race to choose his twelve gate guards. But do you remember how each animal got their spot? We’ve decided to put a fun, Singaporean twist to this folk tale! Round up your younger family members and friends to hear the story of how the Chinese Zodiac – as we know it – came to be.

Home is Where the Heart is

From India to Singapore, Vandana fondly traces her journey of the last 27 years as a mother, teacher, writer, archivist, and a history buff that played a part in helping her integrate in Singapore.

Meet Nethra Murali: a Singaporean advancing workplace diversity in the US and beyond

Since she started working in the U.S. seven years ago, Nethra Murali has helped to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for thousands of her colleagues in the technology and aviation industries. Having grown up in the Tampines heartlands, as well as in five different countries, she credits how her multi-cultural background – as well as Singapore’s National Pledge and sambal stingray – have influenced her passion for building inclusive employee communities.


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5Qs with Ethel Koh, Pastry Chef

Foodies in San Francisco will be no stranger to Michelin Guide – Japanese restaurant, Gozu. But did you know that the pastry chef is Singaporean? Find out more about Ethel’s culinary journey in the U.S. and the inspiration behind her delectable treats!

12 Days of Fun, Feasts and Festivities: A Singapore December to Remember

From a picnic amongst otters to a cocktail fiesta in the heart of the city, we’ve rounded up the best ways to celebrate this holiday season – Singapore style. Follow us as we go on a little tour to experience the 12 Days of Singapore Christmas!


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Coming full circle: Singapore-born Simone Heng finally finds a sense of belonging

Simone Heng has grown up in Australia, studied in Switzerland, and worked in Dubai, but her life journey has circled right back to her country of origin – Singapore. She explains the sheer joy of earning her Singaporean permanent residency (PR), how it granted her a sense of belonging, and why human connection is so precious in the post-pandemic age.

Meet Ben, the Singaporean composer who broke into the inner circle of China’s music industry

Despite a late start in music, Benjamin Lim Yi has become a sought-after composer in China through sheer grit and relentless drive, writing for national events and blockbuster TV programmes. He recounts his beginnings as an outsider, and how this perceived handicap turned out to be his greatest strength.

Beyond nostalgia – Studio Juju ponders the future of Singaporean design

In a little over a decade, husband-and-wife duo Timo Wong and Priscilla Lui have garnered awards and international recognition for their progressive design thinking. Timo looks back on the highlights of their journey thus far and contemplates the possibility of Singaporean designers developing a collective identity.

A founder at 19, he is breaking barriers to opportunity and inclusion for migrant workers

Like most people, Sazzad Hossain initially thought giving back to society was something he would do after completing university and making a decent living. But personal interactions with migrant workers in Singapore highlighted their urgent needs and inspired him to found SDI (Social Development Initiative) Academy, a social enterprise that empowers lives through education.


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Meet Zoé Neron-Bancel, the French-American Innovation Consultant Who Moved to Singapore to Advance the Deep Tech Ecosystem in Asia Pacific

We met Zoé Neron-Bancel, Lead Innovation Consulting at Hello Tomorrow APAC , while collaborating on a 3-part series on Sustainable Urbanisation. Zoé traces her journey across the globe and shares insights on emerging trends in Asia-Pacific’s Deep Tech Ecosystem.

Finding Hyper-success in Silicon Valley

Daniel Chin, the founder of Sanho Corporation and its Hyper brand of tech accessories, traces his journey of evolution and survival – from the uncertain days of venturing out solo in Silicon Valley, to overcoming the 2008 financial crisis, to getting acquired by Targus, where he now oversees a wide range of products as Senior Vice President (SVP) of Technology.

This UAE expat is a mentor to migrants and sustainability startups in Singapore

Named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 and shortlisted for the 2021 Bracken Bower Prize, Vardhan Kapoor moved to Singapore to join the burgeoning tech industry. He tells us about the exciting possibilities in fintech, and why he devotes time to mentor migrant workers and sustainability ventures.

How Open Source Can Solve Some of the World’s Biggest Problems Faster Than Ever

What is Open Source? How did it help countries navigate the pandemic – and how can it foster secure innovation in teams? Pierluigi Cau, Director of Solutions Engineering APAC at GitHub answers all your questions.


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