Family Activities

From recipes to games for the family, here are some kid-friendly activities that’ll bring a little Singapore warmth into your homes.

Lunar New Year fun

Keen to spruce up your home this season? We have put together some festive decorations so that you can usher in the festivities this Year of the Tiger!

Singapore Crafts

Missing Singapore? Gather the family and decorate your room with a dash of SG cheer with our free bunting designs that you can easily print, customise and decorate with. Or involve the kids in this colouring story book!

Let’s go on a Singapore journey

Join Singaporean author Gwen Lee as she shares a few stories from her collection. She believes that children learn best from culturally relevant books, so she modernised nursery rhymes that Singaporeans of all ages could enjoy! 

Grab the entire family and sing along to Pat-a-kueh (sung to the tune of Pat-a-cake) and Kueh Tutu (sung to the tune of Hot Cross Buns)! Do also check out her listing of Singapore books that she recommends here.

Want to expose your child to some Mandarin learning? Participate in the Mandarin Tree Chinese School Playgroup Session, hosted by Karen  老师 [Laoshi; Teacher] from the Netherlands! Watch the video below as she tells a local story in Chinese for your little learners, shares a game for you and your young ones to play together and learn Chinese, and take you on an arts and craft lesson!

Remember to print these craft and flashcard materials before watching the video! Happy learning!

Join Dee Palanisamy, a passionate Storyteller from Melbourne, Australia as she shares two of her favourite Singapore Stories – Story of Sang Nila Utama and Attack of the Swordfish.

Explore our Rich Culture and History

Find out more about the heritage scenes and sights in Singapore through this colouring activity, consisting of seven mural scenes created by Yip Yew Chong from the National Museum of Singapore’s Moving Memories installation. Download the colouring templates featuring scenes of a Kampung, Laksa Stall, and even an old school Provision Shop!


Laksa Stall

Provision Shop

Recreate a taste of Singapore

The way to every Singaporean’s heart… is through our stomachs. Check out these tried-and-tested recipes from fellow Singaporean in Texas, Jolene aka Miss Crumbs A Lot! Satay, Chee Kweh ,Tikka Masala, Chicken Rice, Nonya Kueh and even gem biscuits – are you hungry yet? 

Chwee Kueh

Tikka Masala
Nonya Kueh

Or, you can cook up a storm with chefs Emily Lim, Founder of Dabao Singapore, in San Francisco, and Pamelia Chia, Founder of Singapore Noodles, in Melbourne. If you are missing your Fish Soup noodles, or craving some Mee Soto, watch these step-by-step videos to recreate a taste of home!

The A-Zs of Singapore

A-Zs of Singapore

S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E! What makes our ‘Little Red Dot’ so unique? It’s all in our ‘rojak’ of culture: from places to people, lingo to landmarks, and even our national pastime – food!

Here’s a look at Singapore’s A-Zs! Take time to recall the stories and memories from home as you read through each letter. Be sure to print out our A-Z list and put it up on your wall or fridge door for your little ones to look at it, or for you to read through them together.

The Great Zodiac Race Colouring Book

The Great Zodiac Race Colouring Book

Many are familiar with the 12-year Chinese Zodiac cycle, in which each year is represented by one of 12 animals: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, dog and pig. This story has its roots in Chinese mythology, where the Jade Emperor – the ruler of all gods – hosted a big race to choose his twelve gate guards. But do you remember how each animal got their spot?

We’ve decided to put a fun, Singaporean twist to this folk tale! Round up your younger family members and friends to hear the story of how the Chinese Zodiac – as we know it – came to be.

Indoor Fun

Indoor Fun

When it rains, and you have to stay indoors, it does not mean you have to get bored. Pull out a couple of classic board games like Aeroplane Chess, Chinese Checkers and Snakes & Ladders, or those old-school card games: Old Maid, Donkey and Happy Family, and before you know it, the sun’s out!

If you like something a little more kinesthetically challenging, Five Stones is bound to throw any residual boredom out of the window.

Singapore’s Hidden Gems

SG Hidden Gems

Singapore – we think we’ve seen it all, but there really is still much more to discover on our Little Red Dot! On your next trip home, why not bring your family on an adventure around Singapore? We’ve uncovered some ‘hidden gems’ in various parts of our island – take a look at what’s in your neighbourhood, or try going somewhere new! Bring out this map as you go exploring!

Singapore Cityscape Pop-Up Display

Singapore Cityscape Pop-Up Display

How do you and your child envision the future cityscape of Singapore to look like in the years to come? Create your version of the Singapore cityscape and bring your imagination to life! Aside from familiar locations like Changi Airport, Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer, you can also draw your interpretations of Singapore’s future buildings and transportation. Display the finished work at home.

Snakes and Ladders – Singapore Edition!

SG Snakes and Ladders

Feeling a little homesick or just want to introduce Singapore to others? This Singaporean version of Snakes and Ladders may just be the solution for you!

This version of Snakes and Ladders works similarly to any other version of the board game. If you’re lucky enough to land on a tile with a ladder, you may climb up the ladder. If you end up on a tile with a snake’s head, you’ll slide down the snake leaving you a little further behind.

However, this game board does come with a slight twist! As you make your way through the board, you may encounter tiles that have Singaporean trivia questions on them. If you get the answer right, you can move your game piece forward. Get it wrong and you’ll find yourself stuck on that square! What are you waiting for? Print out your very own Singaporean Snakes and Ladders here and see who amongst your friends and family is most knowledgeable about Singapore!