Funding Programme

Apply for the Singapore Global Network Funding Programme (SGNFP) now

Have ideas on how to grow Singapore’s global network of family and friends? Want to organise events or projects that bring communities together and encourage connections with Singapore?

Whether you’re a member of a business group, company, a student organisation or an individual, The Singapore Global Network Funding Programme (SGNFP) is here for you.

What is the SGNFP?

In essence, the SGNFP* supports efforts to engage communities of overseas Singaporeans and Non-Singaporeans – we like to call them friends of Singapore here – helping to grow and strengthen our global network of family and friends.

Whether this is a physical event promoting networking between Singaporeans and friends of Singapore, or a virtual forum sharing insights and opportunities in Singapore and Southeast Asia, we’re happy to receive applications and work out how we can support you in bridging connections with Singapore. We’ll leave it to you to figure out what your initiative looks like – we’re open to ideas!

* Previously known as the Overseas Singaporean Funding Programme (OSFP), which was administered by the Overseas Singaporean Unit.

Funding details

Who may apply

  • Overseas Singaporean organisations (such as student associations and professional clubs)
  • Informal overseas Singaporean or friends of Singapore groups;
  • Overseas Alumni associations/chapters of Singapore education institutions

For organisations based in Singapore, you may write in to us with details of your initiative so we’ll be able to advise if you’re eligible for funding.

What’s supported

  • Physical events or virtual/digital initiatives or events
  • Resources (including digital tools) to enable these initiatives

Eligibility Criteria

  • Celebrate connections and a sense of community with Singapore (e.g. festive celebrations, intervarsity games); and/or
  • Promote networking and sharing between Singaporeans and/or friends of Singapore (e.g. networking sessions); and/or
  • Promote sharing about opportunities and developments in Singapore and Southeast Asia (e.g. events related to ASEAN)
  • Initiatives should target involvement from: Overseas family and friends of Singapore
  • Minimum of 30 attendees
  • Submit your application at least 3 weeks before your event is slated to take place

Word to the wise – initiatives that have already taken place, or generates profits, will be ineligible.

Also, SGN’s support should be acknowledged on all publicity materials (e.g. brochures, emailers and posters). It will be a bonus if the initiatives have a focus on technology-related developments.

Finally, you’ll need to submit a post-event report within 2 months of the event(s)’ conclusion – we’ll explain more about this later under “When will the funds be transferred to you?”

How are applications assessed?

We assess applications based on how well they meet the eligibility criteria, the scale of event and target audience (for example: how does the event encourage interactions between family and friends of Singapore?) Don’t be daunted – we’re always happy to discuss your event and work out how we may support it.

How do we determine the funding quantum?

The funding quantum granted depends on how well each project is assessed to meet the SGNFP’s criteria. Then, reimbursement will be calculated by taking total actual income (e.g. taking into account revenue earned from activities such as selling tickets, and other sponsorships you may have received) and deducting expenditure from it.

The final amount you will receive will be either:

a) Approved quantum of costs; or

b) Net costs (i.e. actual costs less the actual total income), whichever is lower.

How do you apply?

First, sign up with SGN to facilitate the processing of your application – you’ll find the “Join us” button on the rightmost of the navigation bar. Now you’re ready to start!

Some things to note before you begin proper:

  • Applications are open throughout the year and must be submitted to SGN at least 3 weeks before the event
  • Funding requests for multiple initiatives may be included within each application

*The processing timeline required may be longer for complex cases or cases with incomplete information, so start earlier if you can

Now you’re ready to submit your funding application! We’ve included a stage-by-stage breakdown of the whole process below.

When will the funds be transferred to you?

The funds will be disbursed after you’ve submitted the post-event report here with supporting documents within 2 months; this has to be done within 2 months of the event(s)’ conclusion. Funds will be disbursed via wire bank transfer within a month, after the satisfactory submission of the above required documents by successful applicants.

a) Registration Data (template here)

To help with gathering the necessary data required for the post-event report, we’ve created a registration template on google form here. If you’d like to adapt this form for your own use, drop us a note at hello@singaporeglobalnetwork with your gmail address and we’ll add you as a collaborator.

b) Walk-in Attendee Data (for physical events only). Template as per a).

c) Digital documentation (provide link to post-event publicity) of event/project.

d) Statement of Accounts (final expenditure and income earned)*

*Receipts to be kept for one year for random audit checks by SGN

e) Bank Details Form (template here)

If you’ve successfully applied for multiple events, you may choose to submit the post-event report after each event or submit all reports at one go after your last event ends. Just remember, the funds will only be disbursed once you’ve submitted the corresponding post-event report***.

***We’ll like to advise that that non-compliance with the T&Cs, or late submission of post-event documents, may negatively affect your current and future funding requests. For example, your application may be voided, you may face a reduction of the disbursement amount, face delays in disbursement of funds, and/or be issued warnings that may affect future SGNFP applications. We’ll hate for this to happen, so please read the T&Cs carefully.

If you have any questions, try checking out our Frequently Asked Questions, or write in to us at for a chat (we promise we’re friendly!)