Meet Team SGN

Meet our 11 in-market Regional Representatives who provide an on-ground presence across 5 regions.


Leanne Lim

Leanne comes from a communications background, and enjoys all things media related. She is particularly interested in how thoughtful content and messaging works towards social good. She loves #supportinglocal wherever she goes, and appreciates the role of technology that allows her to continue supporting her favourite causes and businesses back in Singapore.

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Baohui Huang

Baohui enjoys creative pursuits, Netflix-binging and cannot go a day without coffee. As a newcomer to London, Baohui is excited to immerse herself in the city and meet new people. She’d love for you to hit her up with your recommendations about town and say hi!

Baohui covers the UK and Ireland.

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Alberenee Sim

An extrovert, Alberenee likes to meet new people, hear and be inspired by their stories and life experiences. It also gives her great joy and motivation in being able to help bridge meaningful connections and forge mutually-beneficial partnerships at work.

When she is not hanging out with friends over brunch and exploring different parts of Singapore during the weekends, she will attempting new baking recipes at home. She also enjoys a daily cuppa – a cup of teh-c a day fuels her day ahead!

Alberenee covers Continental Europe.

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North America

Karen Tay

Karen enjoys nature, convening communities with common purpose, creating (whether it’s writing, painting, or cooking), reading and coaching.

In addition to her role in the Singapore Global Network, she also works for the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group. Her focus is on growing and connecting technology communities across the U.S., U.K. and Singapore, and attracting technology talent to Singapore and Southeast Asia.

She has worked in policy, strategy, communications and talent management across the education, finance and technology sectors. She is mom to two little girls.

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David Ho

Whether its training for a marathon, data analytics or talking about the latest start-up in Silicon Valley, David is always keen to meet and gain new insights. On weekends, David can be found chasing his two boys around, either on foot or on bike and on the few occasions where he is able to catch his breath, he enjoys binging on the latest Netflix series, preferably after a sinful plate of Hainanese chicken rice with lots of chilli sauce!

David covers cities in the West Coast, as well as the western part of Canada.

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Michelle Loh

Michelle loves working with people and bringing communities together, particularly Singaporean tech networks in eastern North America with those in Southeast Asia. She’s always down for a chat! In her free time, she’s happiest kickboxing, training for races, volunteering with hunger and animal causes, and working her way through cookbooks.

Michelle covers cities in the East Coast, as well as Canada.

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Qian Hui Chia

It might look like Qian Hui is busy building communities of fans and friends in the US and Singapore, but don’t be deceived. It’s all a front for her real job – loyal servant to her rat terrier, Robyn, who demands walks, treats, and constant belly rubs. When Robyn is napping, Qian Hui somehow finds the time to teach Pilates, watch Wes Anderson movies, and bake banana bread. 

Qian Hui covers cities in the East Coast.

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North East Asia

Ho Koi Foong

Based in Shanghai, Koi enjoys building meaningful partnerships and making new friends across East China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Outside of work, you can find him preparing for the next Spartan race, serving the life support community as an adjunct medical instructor, honing his French and training to be an Advanced Sommelier. Koi loves a good conversation as much as a bottle of wine, so ping him any time for a chat!

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Shelly Yeo

Shelly enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and loves bringing like-minded people together. Some of her best memories from her 3+ years in Shanghai were working with fellow Singaporeans on projects for the community and picnics at the West Bund!

Naturally curious, Shelly makes it a point to learn something new every year! And this year, she hopes to rediscover Singapore on foot, explore the art of kombucha-making, and expand her knowledge on digital marketing.

Shelly covers cities in North and West China.

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Joanna Tay

Nothing bores Joanna more than having a quiet meal by herself. She is energized by having people around her, be it over catching up with a bunch of close buddies over her favourite “mala” hotpot, or fostering stronger ties with partners and associates at work events. Joanna looks forward to meeting new friends in China and getting their advice on authentic Southern Chinese cuisine.

Joanna covers cities in South China.

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South East Asia, South Asia and Middle East

Eleen Tay

Eleen loves to explore the cities of Southeast Asia and immerse herself in the fascinating culture that each city brings. She enjoys interacting with people and listening to them. Drop her note if you would like to chat with her! In her free time, you can find Eleen volunteering for humanitarian relief or trying out new things such as learning a new language or creating a new craft!

Eleen covers cities in South East Asia.

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Gavin Goh

Gavin has always been fascinated by the diverse culture and rich heritage of Asian countries. He has found that the best way to understand a culture is through its food. While culture and history maybe subjective to the viewpoints of the individual you speak too, traditional dishes transcends time and political views revealing the true essence of a country.

Gavin covers cities in South East Asia, South Asia and Middle East.

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