About us

Here’s a little introduction to who we are (and what we do).

What is the Singapore Global Network (SGN)?

At Singapore Global Network, we are passionate about building connections and creating opportunities. As a community, we aim to grow Singapore’s overseas networks by building meaningful and lasting relationships with family and friends across the globe.

What does SGN do?

We’re all about connecting people. Whether you’re considering Singapore as your next place to work and live in, a Singaporean living overseas and thinking about returning, or just someone who’s curious about the kind of opportunities available in Singapore, we’ll connect you with the right people or resources to get started.

What does it mean to be a part of our network?

As a newly-minted team founded in 2019, we’re in early days yet. We’re still nurturing and deepening relationships with individuals all over the world, with on-ground presence across five regions. As we’re in the process of expanding our network, we invite you to be friends and advocates of this network. 

By joining our network:

  • Be the first to be invited to events held in your region
  • Tap onto our global connections, with our 11 in-market Regional Representatives’ on-ground presence across 5 regions
  • Receive updates on the latest industry and job opportunities in Singapore

Finally, if there’s something you’ll really like to discuss with us – or just meet for a chat – one of our 11 Regional Representatives are always happy to connect. Otherwise, we’re always an email away at hello@singaporeglobalnetwork.sg.