Mythbusters: Debunking Singapore’s Misconceptions

We know what it is like to see Singaporean noodles on the menu and wonder just what on earth is that. In our #mythbuster series, we hope to debunk some of these strange misconceptions that people have of our sunny island! 🇸🇬

22 February 2021 / By SGN

Is Mount Faber really a mountain? ⛰️

Contrary to its name, Mount Faber is just a hill. 

Still, standing at a height of 348 feet, it is Singapore’s second highest peak, following Bukit Timah Hill. But there’s more than just a view here – you can explore the underground military complex that used to be a base of operations during WWII. You can even hop on a cable car up top, which will take you straight to Sentosa Island. Why not start planning a trip to the beach while you’re at it? 🚡 🏖️

Is Singlish broken English? 🤔

“Mmm, this pizza is really shiok!” Singlish check ‑ do you know what ‘shiok’ means?

If you’re wondering if Singlish, or Singapore English, is just broken English – it’s not! Singlish is a local creole language spoken here and even has its own distinct grammatical structure, lexis, and tonal system.

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Wait, what are Singapore noodles? 🍜 

Ever wondered why Singaporeans always look so confused when asked about our Singapore noodles? 

Despite its name, this stir‑fried noodle dish can’t be found in Singapore! The dish originated from Hong Kong and was named after our sunny island to match its ‘exotic’ curry powder ingredient. However, just like its vibrant mix of ingredients of vermicelli noodles, curry, shrimp, scallions, and red peppers, it is also reflective of Singapore’s diverse culture! 

Have you tried ‘Singapore noodles’ yet? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Singapore = Race or Nationality?

Don’t be confused – being ‘Singaporean’ refers to one’s nationality here in Singapore!

Singapore is home to people from all walks of life and ethnic groups! While these races originate from all corners of the world, they have found a home here on our sunny island. So, you can be Chinese, Indian, Malay, Caucasian, Eurasian (the list goes on), and still be uniquely Singaporean!

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Are lions native to Singapore? 🦁

One might think that we got our name because lions live here. But that’s not the case! Legend has it that Prince Sang Nila Utama, one of our early rulers, spotted a majestic animal that he believed was a lion while he was out hunting. Taking it as a sign of good fortune, he named our island Singapura, which means The Lion City 🦁.

Singapore’s Merlion icon, with a lion’s head and a fish body, was inspired by this very story. However, as lions are not native to this part of the world, some suggest that he probably mistook a Malayan tiger for a lion (oops!).

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Singapore has no nature ‑ really? 🌳🤨

Calling all nature lovers! Don’t be fooled by Singapore’s modern skylines and tall skyscrapers, because there is more than meets the eye – we’re not just a concrete jungle.

Our garden city is home to many lush greenery, serene parks, and very Insta‑worthy nature spots! From biking trails at Coney Island to hiking spots at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, you don’t have to travel far on our sunny island to enjoy the great outdoors. Also, our Singapore Botanic Gardens is the first and only tropical botanic garden to be on the UNESCO World Heritage list!

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