Memories of Singapore @ Home

This National Day, we brought the world together to experience a slice of Singapore through Singapore @ Home. Find out what happened during the exciting show, and catch snippets of what you might have missed! Also, find out how to catch the NDP Live this Saturday!

By SGN | 19 August 2021

Hosted by Hossan Leong and creatively directed by Dick Lee, SGN’s first-ever virtual show Singapore @ Home brought a slice of Singapore to Singaporeans all around the world!

More than 11,000 people across 56 countries were all soaking up the Singapore sprit at our Singapore @ Home online show over National Day weekend. It was an exciting extravaganza of live performances, plays, storytelling and craft sessions, cookalongs and sharing of adventures from our fellow Singaporeans all around the world! Of course, what would a Singaporean event be without our favourite segment – the lucky draw!

We speak to several of our lucky draw winners (CONGRATULATIONS!) to find out what they loved the most about the event!

“Being away from home and not being able to visit, all the more made “Singapore @ Home” poignant. With the ever-changing world we live in, emphasised by the pandemic, there are many things Singapore cannot take for granted such as racial harmony, familial ties, the unity that has been forged throughout the decades, and the tenacity that Singaporeans have, to name a few. “Singapore @ Home” highlights our nation’s strength in this adversity and allows every Singaporean to truly remember what Home means and be proud of how far we have come.”

Celebrating our fellow Singaporeans around the world!

“I especially enjoyed seeing the Singaporeans from all over the world. It reminds us that we are not alone!"

The Singaporeans Overseas series features fellow Singaporeans based around the world as they share with us their decision to relocate, their experiences in these foreign countries, and what they miss most about home. From Australia to China to Sweden to the USA, find out how these Singaporeans are flying Singapore’s flag high all around the world! Watch the full series here.

From coin prata to Murtabak, Prata House has it all

Rethinking their recipes for success amidst a pandemic

“What I love most about the show was that it had bits of Singapore that I missed so much and some even forgotten. There were so many familiar sights and sounds like Tiong Bahru, the CBD, the sound of kopi being stirred, the Teochew play and the infamous pineapple tart cushion. I could still recognise the celebrities by just their voices. Dick Lee singing ‘Home’ was the icing on the cake. Happy 56th Birthday Singapore!”

Dick Lee performing the song that unites all Singaporeans – ‘Home’

“Thank you for keeping the spirit of overseas Singaporeans alive and connected in these unprecedented times. Dick Lee’s rendition of “Home” was very moving. This familiar song always brings a tear to my eyes. And the footage of familiar places like Lau Pa Sat transports me home to the sights and sounds I once knew.”

“I was staying overseas for many years now and I recently came back to Singapore I wanted to experience NDP but due to Covid I didn’t really got a chance to experience that. But thanks to Singapore Global Network, I was able to relive all those memories I had of Singapore and NDP. My favourite part in the whole program was the LIVE MAIN SHOW. Hosted by Hossan Leong and ECP sunset tour. Also I got to know Singaporeans around the world. The overall event was so well organised and I got to relive all my memories sitting at my home. I enjoyed the whole event and hope to be a part of many other events in future.”

In our series of virtual tours, we explore Singapore’s famous attractions, enjoy delicious local food, and check out sights and sounds in Singapore that our global SGN community has voted for! 

“What I enjoyed the most about Singapore @ Home is being able to celebrate National Day and the opportunity to be connected with very familiar faces, situations and sound from home. Especially during this challenging time of not being able to go back home as frequently as I would like to. I hope the Singapore Airlines daily direct flight between Beijing and Singapore will resume soon. In the meantime I look forward to more of such events both virtual or physical to keep in touch with home.”

Missing Singlish and our Singaporean quirks

“This pandemic has not given a chance for any of us to travel, especially those that are working or pursuing their dreams in any part of the world. The most fulfilling part of the programme was the screening of Wild Rice’s play Grandmother Tongue. I have missed both live performance having not been back and I was joyful knowing that it was also featured in the list. Hossan Leong and Dick Lee hosting the live shoutout show was awesome with lots of local talented bands and musicians.”

Wild Rice’s Grandmother Tongue traces a young man’s struggle to connect with his 84-year-old Teochew-speaking grandmother. Both humorous and heartbreaking, Grandmother Tongue explores how our identities are bound up with the languages that we use and the ones that we lose.

“Singapore @home was a wonderful opportunity for fellow Singaporeans to unite together on the joyful occasion of our national day. I enjoyed the virtual choir segment. It portrayed our patriotism and unity.”

Enjoy this rendition of the song, “Home”, that many Singapore residents are familiar with, performed by members of Singapore Airline’s Cabin Crew Music Society. 

And from Team SGN who brought to you Singapore @ Home,  

Where ever you are in the world, we hope that you enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed planning it for you! We hope that it brought you closer to home, celebrated our friends and family all around the world, and reminded you that no matter where you are, Singapore is always here for you. Thank you so much for all the feedback that you have given us and we hope to bring you more of such events in the future!  

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Also, don’t miss out on the NDP 2021! 

Remember to catch NDP 21 on 21 August, 6.05pm. It will be streamed on all Mediacorp channels, meWatch and NDPeeps Facebook, YouTube and Tiktok! #TogetherourSGSpirit #NDP2021 

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