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Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you — the Overseas Singaporean Unit has become a part of the Singapore Global Network! Get the inside story on our shift and take a look back on the key events we’ve held so far!

By SGN | 19 Feb 2020

Former Deputy Prime Minister, Wong Kan Seng on stage (Above, left), launching the Overseas Singaporean Unit in London on March 13, 2006.

The Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) was set up as a division in the Prime Minister’s Office in 2006, and over the past decade it has strived to bring a slice of home to Singaporean communities based abroad and to help them maintain a strong connection with Singapore.

For those of you who have been with the OSU from the very start, the photos in this story will probably evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. Through the experiences and events that you’ve been a part of, we hope that you have made new friends, bonded with your Singaporean communities overseas, and kept fond memories of Singapore with you.

Some of the popular events that we have held to date include the Singapore Speakers Series, where prominent Singaporean leaders share their insights and experiences with those living abroad.

Another highlight is our Singapore Day celebrations, which first began in 2007. During previous editions, guests got to participate in meet-and-greet sessions with local celebrities and artistes while getting to sample tasty local fare.

Over 5,000 Singaporeans turned up at Peninsula Quays for one of the biggest Singaporean reunions, on Singapore Day, in London, UK, on 24 March 2018

The OSU has moved into the Economic Development Board (EDB) since June 2019, and is now part of a new and larger Singapore Global Network team.

While Singaporeans continue to be at the heart of our work, the Singapore Global Network’s (SGN) mission is to broaden and deepen Singapore’s network of family, friends and fans around the world. Members will now be able to benefit from a wider array of professional networking opportunities and global connections.

On a positive note, this means that Singaporeans will, in future, be able to bring their non-Singaporean friends to many of the engagements and events, especially those who have also spent time working or studying in Singapore and want to catch up or stay connected.

New name, new mission

Our Executive Director, Jasmin Lau, shares her thoughts about the value that SGN can bring to Singaporeans, friends and fans. “In the digital world that we live in today, we believe that it’s not just about what you know, but who you know. Relationships and networks are now priceless. Whether you are a Singaporean, friend of Singapore, or maybe just someone who has heard good things about our little red dot, the Singapore Global Network aims to keep you connected to Singapore and give you access to exclusive networks, content, events and experiences.

We see our family and friends of Singapore go through life journeys where they move overseas for professional development. Through it all, they still want to stay connected to Singapore while overseas, and at some point even consider moving back to Singapore to settle down. There are so many moments during these life journeys where a global network of support can make their experiences much more pleasant. Even if it comes down to finding the best chicken rice in your city, knowing who to ask would give you the best answers!”

New logo

In case it isn’t immediately obvious, our new logo has an infinity loop carrying the Singapore Brand logo (SG)! This represents our goal to connect Singapore with the world, and our belief that these connections and networks will bring infinite possibilities.

When you connect with us as a member of the network, you will not just get access to new social communities but also new professional networks as well. Our team will be bringing updates on economic developments in Singapore to the rest of the world (digitally and physically!), so that our family and friends all over the world can have access to market insights, guides and information on business and career-related opportunities in Singapore and the region.

We are also excited to showcase how Singaporeans are pushing the Singapore brand to new heights around the world, so do drop us a note at hello@singaporeglobalnetwork.com if you have a story to share!

Professional content aside, our team will continue to bring that slice of home to Singaporeans around the world. We know that many of our friends and family around the world simply love to celebrate the Singapore identity — be it laughing at our Singlish or tucking into Singaporean food together — These moments bring back the best memories of home!

Meet Team SGN!

Along with the new name, we hope to continue to nurture stronger friendships between Singaporeans based abroad.

Jasmin, who took over the remit in June 2019, has been travelling at least once every month and takes some time during each trip to meet Singaporean communities around the world.

“Many people overlook the value of relationships, or forget about them in our daily rush. But to us at the Singapore Global Network, relationships will form the foundation of our work and we want to make sure that we sustain and grow them with our family and friends around the world. On a personal level, some of the new friendships I have made have definitely been one of the “perks” of this job, and I feel immensely proud of what Singaporeans and our friends of Singapore are doing all over the world!”

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