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6 Things We Will Not Take for Granted Again After Circuit Breaker Ends

As we continue adjusting to the new normal during the Circuit Breaker period, it has made us appreciate the little details in our daily lives. From dining out to exercising outdoors and travelling abroad, we look at six things we will never take for granted ever again.

As we continue adjusting to the new normal during the Circuit Breaker period, it has made us appreciate the little details in our daily lives. From dining out to exercising outdoors and travelling abroad, we look at six things we will never take for granted ever again.

22 May 2020 / By SGN

Every bubble tea lovers’ heart across the island broke when the extension of the Circuit Breaker (CB) led to stricter measures on the operations for essential services.

Singapore first entered the Circuit Breaker period on 7 April, and Singaporeans were advised to stay home as much as possible to curb the spread of COVID-19. Only essential services remained open, while schools and entertainment venues closed. However, as cases continued to rise, CB was extended to 1 June and existing measures were tightened. This included the closure of public spaces such as parks, beaches and F&B services including the nation’s beloved bubble tea operators.

As we continue adjusting to the new normal, we found ourselves missing the things we are no longer able to do. With the CB hopefully coming to an end or with some of the measures lifted in time to come, let us take a moment to appreciate and reflect on six things we will never take for granted ever again.

1. Dining out with your friends

Remember dressing up and meeting our friends for weekend brunch? The little details that used to be frivolous are suddenly what we miss the most about dining out. Standing in line, trying to get the waiter’s attention to order and catching up on each other’s lives over a meal is something we look forward to doing after CB ends.

Day 9 of #CircuitBreaker. Last night, I had my first #CircuitBreaker-related dream.

I dreamed that I was eating dinner in a large coffee shop (not allowed now!) with a lot of other customers when safe distancing enforcement officers suddenly descended upon all of us. /1— Eisen (@eisen) April 15, 2020

Credit: eisen

I’ve been at home since Feb. More than half my meals from the kitchen. I am bored of my own cooking. 😒#stayhome #FirstWorldProblems #circuitbreaker #COVID19 #homecooking— Kat J (@KatJPhoenix) April 8, 2020

Credit: KatJPhoenix

Although we relate to @KatJPhoenix’s tweet about cooking the same old dishes at home, we are spicing up our home-cooked dishes with these easy recipes – Bak Chor Bee HoonChicken Dum Briyani5-ingredient Sambal Grilled Chicken. Not forgetting desserts, we have also started making our own bubble tea drinks at home to curb our cravings! Staying home has definitely revealed our inner Masterchefs as we find ourselves getting more comfortable and creative in the kitchen.

2. Sweat it out at the gym or the great outdoors

Stepping outside for some fresh air was a great idea pre-COVID-19, but with the rising number of cases and the sheer amount of people gathering outdoors, all public spaces were closed off during the CB extension.

Parks, Fields & Beaches In S’pore That Are Now Closed — ’Cos People Just Had To Exercise In Crowded Spaces Over The Long Weekend https://t.co/RzfrvFCvME pic.twitter.com/utKCPpXRUi— TODAY (@TODAYonline) April 13, 2020

Credit: TODAYonline

Sports enthusiasts who usually carry out their training outdoors now find themselves staying indoors and missing their teammates.

Let’s all stay safe so we can get back to our regular activities sooner! Throwback to land training with palsdb teammates!#safedistancing #1metre #staysafe #slowmo #sportshub @ Singapore Sports Hub https://t.co/57BET9Dt9j pic.twitter.com/YPDgztjf6E— Lewis Foo (@lewis_foo) April 25, 2020

Credit: lewis_foo

While we have been loving working out in the comfort of our homes through online classes, we do miss strapping on our shoes and getting in touch with nature during our weekend hikes.

Once CB is over, we will take the chance to explore the many nature trails Singapore has to offer for a nice dose of vitamin D. For some of us who are not looking to be #fitspo, exploring one of the many heritage trails around Singapore’s culture districts is a great alternative to get your steps in while learning more about the local cultures.

3. Shopping and Entertainment

“Can I try this on?” A phrase we have been yearning to use since the closure of all physical retail stores. Being unable to try on the clothes before purchasing them is now a luxury as we deliberate countless hours online on which is the right size. Until then, we will continue to support the nation’s efforts in overcoming this situation by staying home.

The nightly light show by #MarinaBaySands spreads a message of hope & support for #SGUnited. An uplifting display of lights to cheer #Singapore on amid the #COVID19 outbreak & #lockdown, expressing love for the nation & hope that we’ll eventually overcome this obstacle 😍 pic.twitter.com/YIqsAeYsaM— Krish 克里斯 (@iamsgkrish) April 22, 2020

Credit: iamsgkrish

Besides shopping, we would not take for granted being able to catch a movie outside or going barhopping around town till the wee hours of the night. For now, we are keeping ourselves busy with virtual events such joining webinars, attending virtual concerts and listening parties.

Singapore’s circuit breaker has been extended for another month til June 1st. With no concerts or events in the near future, here’s how to support the live music industry for the following months 🎵#SupportMusicScene #ConcertScene pic.twitter.com/vA4Kowr75Z— LAMC Productions (@lamcproductions) April 21, 2020

Credit: lamcproductions

For home and small businesses that are affected by the closure of bazaars and flea markets, let’s continue to #supportlocal businesses online. For example, local online marketplace Carousell has launched several campaigns to make it even easier for us to support small businesses through the app. For all cinephiles out there, homegrown retro theater The Projector recently launched their Merch-4-Money project for us to snag some merch to support them through this time. There’s even an option to adopt a Blue Room seat to (literally) leave your mark.

4. Spending quality time with your family and loved ones

Before CB, there were lots to do, places to go and food to eat! With so little free time, we find ourselves postponing gatherings or cancelling on outings – taking for granted that we can do that another time.

For some of us who are living apart from our loved ones, this CB period has made us cherish and appreciate them more as we reminisce on the good old times.

There’s no one else in this world who will encourage me and my passion for dinosaurs more than my brother, other than @yanyanx3 and family 😉❤️

I’m missing you all tremendously.

I look forward to seeing you all after this mco and circuit breaker is lifted..

❤️ pic.twitter.com/wpC7o3FtDT— Melody Woon (@Melody_Woon) April 22, 2020

Credit: Melody_Woon

With some of the CB measures lifted in time to come, the new normal may be tough for some of us. Hence, adopting and maintaining a positive mindset through this time is important to take care of our mental well-being. Regular check-ins with our loved ones help us stay connected while reminding us of the support system that we have. Plus, these free online multiplayer games is a great way to continue making fun memories with them while staying home.

Working from home would be the new normal when lockdown or the circuit breaker in Singapore is lifted. Remote working can really work. But I sure miss meeting friends and associates over a coffee or a delightful… https://t.co/jWSnCDqR5s— Cecilia Leong-Faulkner (@Cecilia2btp) May 5, 2020

Credit: Cecilia2btp

5. Travelling!

We will not take travelling for granted ever again – even if it means being a tourist in our city. As we continue travelling the world through throwback photos on Instagram, we do not have to look far for our next getaway.

Travel digitally is the only way now. How about traveling to Amanohashidate, Kyoto by the Sea. Let’s explore Kyoto Hidden Attractions https://t.co/8JydelAPLz #covid19 #circuitbreaker #kyoto #japan #kyotobythesea #amanohashidate— Travelereve (@Travelereve) April 8, 2020

Credit: Travelereve

This whole circuit breaker makes me want to travel and explore even more now. Some warming visuals before I get to see them again in a month’s time.#StayAtHome #travelphotography #VisualArt #Singapore pic.twitter.com/7fBR3ry2kC— Jun Loong (@tanjunloong) April 7, 2020

Credit: tanjunloong

For those curious on what is it like to live in a kampung, did you know Singapore’s last Kampung is located at Buangkok? It used to be the home for over 40 families back in the day. For those interested in nature, take a walk through the wild forest around MacRitchie Reservoir to feel like you are away on a refreshing nature retreat. Once CB ends, we will slowly feed our wanderlust by being a tourist in our city through these hidden gems.

6. Appreciating our frontline service workers

Throughout this CB period, many frontline service workers are risking their lives to keep Singapore safe. Singaporeans are showing their support through various initiatives such as Clap for #SGUnited where the public showed their appreciation by clapping and cheering from their homes at 8 pm on 30 March. Similarly, the #SingforSG initiative banded Singaporeans together to sing a heartfelt rendition of ‘Home’.

“This is Home, truly” – People sang Home and cheered across Singapore to thank healthcare heroes and migrant workers amid the #COVID19 pandemic. https://t.co/EkDU4mwruV #singtogetherSG #SingaporeTogether #stayhomeforSG pic.twitter.com/HznQ4ADt9P— CNA (@ChannelNewsAsia) April 25, 2020

Credit: ChannelNewsAsia

Singaporeans have also shown their appreciation for delivery riders, through small acts of kindness as seen in the tweet shared by @ANG_AN_ANG below.

During sg circuit breaker, on 19 April there was a customer that order food delivery and she pass this blue plastic bag to me and tell me to take care of myself, which I was so touched by her appreciation. May god bless her! One people, one nation, one singapore🇸🇬 #SGUnited pic.twitter.com/P7cdYxvpNU— weijieloveyou (@ANG_AH_ANG) April 19, 2020

Credit: ANG_AH_ANG

Big or small, showing appreciation and kindness towards all service workers is one takeaway we hope all Singaporeans will carry forward after the CB ends.

The extensive impact of COVID-19 on our everyday lives has changed the way we live and view the world. This time is changing us in many ways, and we hope that not taking things for granted would be one positive takeaway from this whole experience.

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