We know that it is not easy to be indoors, and never in our wildest imaginations did we expect that in Singapore, we aren’t able to eat out, or even go to our friends’ houses. But with the escalating covid-19 pandemic, we all have to play a part in keeping Singapore safe, and that is to STAY HOME. We have put together this page, to hopefully keep you entertained during your SHN period and through these circuit breaker measures. Keep checking back, we will try to update it as often as we can! THANK YOU for keeping us safe!

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For the WFH

Up your video calling game with SGN’s very own video call backgrounds! Featuring some of Singapore’s beloved icons, you can now add a little local flavour to your video calls with your friends and families back home!

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For the Kiddos

We know that being stuck indoors with kids for 14 days is no easy feat. Keeping the little ones entertained in the constrains of your home, we are here to help the best we can! We have put together some resources to keep the kids busy!

Home Based Learning

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) have gathered Home-based Learning Activities and Resources designed by preschools to share with you here every Monday, starting from 6 April 2020. These materials are designed specifically for infants to children in kindergarten. They come with clear instructions on what to do so you can easily carry them out at home. You can pick and choose what you think is suitable for your child, according to their age. Not only can your child learn, it is also a time for you to bond with your child through these activities!

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SGN Kids’ Resources

Why not read them a book – like our very own SG version of the Great Zodiac Race or have them check out our hidden gems in Singapore so that you can plan on where to go after covid is over!

You can also give creativity a go by getting crafty with a printable pop-up landscape of Singapore. This will give you and your kids a chance to bond creatively!

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For the Bored

I am a CCB (Community Circuit Breaker)

This site features reliable content, deals, workout routines, as well as a collection of sentiments of how Singaporeans feel during this ”circuit breaker” period. Check it out here.

No one’s life is as perfect as their instagram feed

Bored? Why not tell the world? After all, social distancing does not mean social isolation. Keep your friends and family updated with these templates. Share them on your social media channels and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @singaporeglobalnetwork, cos yknow, we get bored too 😉

Music heals wounds that medicine cannot touch

Is music your only company this month? Check out our very own SGN work from home jam on Spotify here.

The secret ingredient is love

ImageStuck at home? Then there is no better time than to be a masterchef. Check out some of these recipes that we have put together so that you can have a chance at being the next Michelin chef! If you have a signature dish, write to us at hello@singaporeglobalnetwork so we can share your recipe with the rest!

Many of us are starting to get into cooking our own meals this stay-home season – if you’re craving for some good sambal, laksa or even bubble tea from home, we’ve got you covered with these super easy, quick recipes that will surely impress your taste buds!


Read about Thiviyan’s recount to discovering a disappointing Kung Pao chicken while studying in a small town in Canada. Realising that cooking his favourite Asian dishes is better, Thiviyan recreates his version of Chicken Dum Briyani and Sugee cookies – make sure you give it a try!


Discover how Rosalyn Lee (better known as Rozz) preps her fabulous home cooked meals as she survives through 14 days of Stay Home Notice (SHN) alone.

For the Discoverers

Have you ran out of films to watch on Netflix? Or baked enough to last a month? Perhaps it is time to feed your mind instead. Check out these resources that we have put together, maybe this would be a month of discovering interests that you never knew you had!


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For the Bookworms

We don’t write books, but we have pulled together some of the articles written by our very own SGN community. Immerse yourself in their voices, their thoughts, their dreams and their hopes, and if you wish to contribute your stories too, write to us at, we would love to feature you!

An educator and writer, Ruihe shares her experience and reflections while she is serving her Stay-Home Notice in Singapore, after she travelled home from the US because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

For so many Singaporeans residing overseas all over the globe, maintaining their ties to our Little Red Dot can require a dash of creativity and a generous helping of impressive out-of-the-box thinking. United States-based mother and daughter Lena Gan and Sara Kay share how they remain connected to home.

Living her entire life everywhere except for Singapore hasn’t stopped Cheryl Low from adopting a Singaporean identity. Having moved halfway across the world from her family, she shares her story on how she has developed this strong sense of identity over the years.

Expressing love through words is often difficult for Asians. Eve Wee-Ang shares why as she pens her own love letter to Singapore.