National Day

National Day 2021: #SGNCelebrates! 

Singapore turns 56 on 9 August 2021! No matter where in the world you may be, we can’t wait to celebrate National Day with you. 

Join us in our epic virtual National Day celebration for Singapore, check out the cute craft projects and colouring activities for the whole family, and find out the ongoing celebrations in your city with your fellow Singapore communities, and many more.

We’re so excited to see how our SGN community marks Singapore’s National Day around the world, so join in the party by including the hashtag  #SGNcelebrates or tag @singaporeglobalnetwork in your posts for a chance to be featured on SGN’s social media!  


National Day Celebrations Around the World

Catch the Singapore Celebrations

This year, the theme for NDP is “Together, Our Singapore Spirit”. Do also check out the NDP 2021 Theme song “The Road Ahead”.

If you missed the NDP 21 on 21 August. you can watch it on meWatch and NDPeeps Facebook, YouTube and Tiktok! #TogetherourSGSpirit #NDP2021

Catch free local performances online 

Red Dot August is the theme of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay’s series of free programmes presented all year round in the month of August. As we celebrate Singapore’s 56th National Day this year, we take a closer look at the things that make us uniquely Singapore through a variety of art forms!

Through the arts, Esplanade brings together different communities and provide a platform for artists born and based in Singapore to showcase their original works. Through the exciting lineup in Red Dot August, Esplanade also seeks to embrace and include underserved communities by providing them a stage to express themselves creatively, and also an opportunity to explore and refine their talents. So let us #supportlocal and show these artists some love, go check out the list of amazing stuff coming out! We hope that wherever in the world you are, this brings you a little closer to home.

Celebrations around the world

Singapore communities everywhere are organising gatherings this August. Whether it is an digital or physical event – find one near you! If you are organising an event in your city and want to feature it on our website, drop us an email at

Fun Activities with Family & Friends

Just how well do you know Singapore? 

Whether you lived in Singapore for 3 months or 30 years, you have to agree that our culture is quirky and unlike any other. Since National day is coming up, let’s see how well you know our little red dot!

If you enjoyed this and are keen to have a trivia competition with your friends, here are the full list of 56 questions about Singapore as she turns 56!

Get Crafty! 

Get into the celebratory mood with these easy, no-sew DIY National Day buntings. Also unleash your creative side and get the little ones involved in this Troops on Prints x SGN cute colouring book! For more activities, check them out here!

Almost as good as being there

Are you celebrating online this year? Transport yourself to Singapore with these National Day themed  Zoom backgrounds!

Need a dose of cuteness? Download the August the Merlion sticker packs and share them with your friends!

Looking to watch some local films? Fifteen Singapore filmmakers have come together in a ground-up effort to a show a lesser-told side of Singaporeans from the 1970s to the 1990s.

For the little ones

Perhaps something for your little ones? Participate in the Mandarin Tree Chinese School Playgroup Session, hosted by Karen  老师 [Laoshi; Teacher] from the Netherlands!

Storytelling with Mandarin Tree Chinese School: Join Karen 老师 as she narrates a local story in Chinese for your little learners
Play a game with Mandarin Tree Chinese School: Join Karen 老师 she shares a game for you and your young ones to play together and learn Chinese.
Get crafty with Mandarin Tree Chinese School: Time to get crafty! Follow along as Karen 老师 [Laoshi] takes you and your children on an arts and craft session.

Remember to print these craft and flashcard materials before watching the video! Happy learning!

Join Dee Palanisamy, a passionate Storyteller from Melbourne, Australia as she shares two of her favourite Singapore Stories – Story of Sang Nila Utama and Attack of the Swordfish.

 Join Merli and his friends as they embark on adventures around Singapore. See if you can spot other uniquely Singaporean elements in this series!

Singalong Singapore!  

Did you know that “Majulah Singapura” was composed in 1958 by the late Encik Zubir Said. Download the National Anthem here

Have you had a listen to our NDP2021 theme song “The Road Ahead”? The song tells of the adversity Singapore has faced throughout its history, and about how the nation has overcome the odds! We have rounded up all the years of National Day Theme songs on our YouTube playlist here all the way back to 1998’s Home!

Also, check out our essential Spotify playlist every August. Of course, it features everyone’s favourites! (Check out this year’s new line-up of chillax LoFi beats from NDPeeps too!)  

Celebrate our fellow Singaporeans around the world!  

The Singaporeans Overseas series features fellow Singaporeans based around the world as they share with us their decision to relocate, their experiences in these foreign countries, and what they miss most about home. From Australia to China to Sweden to the USA, find out how these Singaporeans are flying Singapore’s flag high all around the world! Watch the full series here.

Local Recipes for the Occasion

The way to every Singaporean’s heart… is through our stomachs. Check out these tried-and-tested recipes from fellow Singaporean in Texas, Jolene aka Miss Crumbs A Lot! Satay, Chee Kweh ,Tikka Masala, Chicken Rice, Nonya Kueh and even gem biscuits – are you hungry yet? 

Chwee Kueh

Tikka Masala
Nonya Kueh

Or, you can cook up a storm with chefs Emily Lim, Founder of Dabao Singapore, in San Francisco, and Pamelia Chia, Founder of Singapore Noodles, in Melbourne. If you are missing your Fish Soup noodles, or craving some Mee Soto, watch these step-by-step videos to recreate a taste of home!

Fund Your Own Celebrations

Thinking of rounding up the folks in your city to celebrate? You may tap on the Singapore Global Network Funding Programme (SGNFP) to grow and sustain connections of Singapore’s family and friends! This National Day, we have enhanced the funding programme just for you!

Planning to purchase National Day goodies for event attendees? Or looking to tap on software for a virtual National Day event? These are some of the items you could receive 100% funding for!  Check out our SGNFP today and start planning your very own celebrations!