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Shopee Code League 2020

Venue: Virtual

Are you ready for the largest code league organised by Shopee? Shopee Code League is happening from 8 June to 1 August. We are calling out to all undergraduate students and professionals across the region to join us in a series of coding challenges and put your coding skills to the test...

Fireside Chat – Emerging Stronger in Asia-Pacific

Venue: Virtual

Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the world. At the heart of it is the world's most competitive economy, Singapore - a thriving metropolis known for its stability, security and multi-racial social compact. Tune in to spot the trends and opportunities in Asia-Pacific...

After the Pandemic — The Rebirth of Big Government

Venue: Virtual

The coronavirus pandemic has seen huge expansions in the power of the state in Asia and beyond, as governments have locked down citizens, mobilised health systems and spent huge sums to support workers and businesses — all enabled by new technologies unheard of in previous eras of big government. But it remains unclear if this is a permanent or temporary shift, and what it means in particular for Asian economies with traditions of frugal, limited states. Just as important is how political leaders will balance calls for greater state power to monitor public health or reduce inequality with worries about individual privacy and over-mighty government which a permanent shift would bring along with it.

Taking a product from zero to one

Venue: Virtual

Hear from two PMs who did just that at Bytedance and Facebook - Junxu and Ming! Ming will be sharing 3 insights from his experience of shipping 0 to 1 products at Bytedance and Facebook, ranging from how do you validate your product hypothesis to what type of skillsets do you need in a team to accomplish that. Join us for this sharing, followed by Q&A and a short virtual networking session hosted on Run The World. Registration closes on Monday 21 July 2020.

Pints and Prata #3: Ready, Set, Start Up!

Venue: Virtual

Startup journey - A walk in the park or a minefield of risks? Come listen to Kenneth’s ( and Joshua’s ( journey on how they grew an idea, joined accelerators, and got funding! A not-to-be-missed event featuring a Y Combinator veteran and an Amazon UK alumnus.

Eco Entrepreneurs Part 1

Venue: Virtual

The mention of Singapore might conjure up images of an urban city with modern skyscrapers, but did you know that Singaporean entrepreneurs are making an impact in the areas of agriculture and ecotourism?