5 Tips to Stay Positive amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As we live through this unprecedented time of challenge and disruption, one can feel isolated and slide into despair. It is thus extremely important to maintain a positive mindset and remind yourself that life will return to normal. Here are a few tips that we hope will help you navigate this situation!

5Qs with Flora Tay

Our 5Qs series is a chance for you to get to know more about folks in the Singapore Global Network community, where we pose 5 questions to exciting individuals to find out more about what they do!

Breaking Blockchains: Joyce Yang’s Take on Fintech in Asia

“Public blockchain tech and cryptocurrency are global and borderless, and Singapore is setting the tone.” says Joyce Yang, CEO of Global Coin Research. An expert in Fintech, Joyce shares why she believes Singapore can be the Fintech hub of Southeast Asia. Based in New York, Joyce is married to a Singaporean and frequently visits Singapore where she fondly regards as her future home.

5Qs with Josie Kiew

Our 5Qs series is a chance for you to get to know more about folks in the Singapore Global Network community, where we pose 5 questions to exciting individuals to find out more about what they do!

Navigating China as a Singaporean

Ms Mae Ng was 23 when she first moved to China to work. During the 10 years when she was formerly with The Ascott Limited (Ascott), she lived in four different cities across the country. Mae, who currently oversees operations for faculties and student accommodation with one of Singapore’s top tertiary institutions, shares the lessons she has learnt from her stay in China.

Changing the world with AI

For the past two decades, Dr Tan Kar Han has been on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI), developing products and solutions and building world-class R&D teams. An integral part of the Singapore Global Network in the U.S., he is now living in the Bay Area with his family. He shares some thoughts on what Singapore’s AI future may hold.

Singapore Brands Going Overseas: Passport to Success

With so many impressive destinations in the region, it’s no wonder that Singaporeans love to travel. But for the founders of TripZilla and YouTrip, it’s not just the travel bug but the entrepreneurship bug that’s biting. Find out how these companies are making overseas journeys even more convenient for us in Asia.

The rise of the independent film industry in Singapore

Singapore film is returning to global prominence with critically acclaimed productions such as Boo Junfeng’s Apprentice and Anthony Chen’s Ilo Ilo. For journalist and researcher Alfonse Chiu, he believes more can be done for the film industry in Singapore, because of the special role it plays in defining our culture.

Christmas Reunions

This Christmas, three Singaporeans share heartwarming stories about celebrating the holidays abroad in Shanghai, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Read on and discover their unique Christmas traditions and how they stay close to their loved ones despite being so far from home.

A Singaporean Christmas Carol, lah

We all know the classic tale of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol – a story of about miser Ebenezer Scrooge, visited by three ghosts that changed his life. It has been more than a century since this story came about, but the tale of love, family and Christmas never gets old. This festive season, as we celebrate the season of gifting and giving, gather the entire kampung under the Christmas tree, and let us tell you our version of the Singaporean Christmas Carol lah!

Love Letters to Singapore

For so many Singaporeans residing overseas all over the globe, maintaining their ties to our Little Red Dot can require a dash of creativity and a generous helping of impressive out-of-the-box thinking. In this final instalment of our “Love Letter to Singapore” series for the year, United States-based mother and daughter Lena Gan and Sara Kay share how they remain connected to their home country.

A taste of life across the Pacific

Imagine adventuring across the world to live, work and play in a land that you’ve only read about online. Three US college students were given the opportunity of a lifetime to experience Singapore as they spent their summers interning in our global metropolis.

Passion to Profession – 3 tips from homegrown dancer Adelene Stanley

Representing Singapore is no small feat, and dancer Adelene Stanley did just that on a literal global stage when she became the youngest dancer in the original cast of INALA – a Zulu Ballet back in 2014. Having returned to Singapore in 2016, she shares how she turned a passion into a profession.

Singapore Brands Going Overseas: The Future of Retail

Disruption may be an empty buzzword these days, but when these Singapore businesses began, they were the first of their kind in the region to take advantage of the growing e-commerce industry. Here’s how Shopee, ShopBack and Ninja Van went from scrappy start-ups to entrepreneurial titans.

Dum Briyani in The Prairies

Read about Thiviyan’s recount to discovering a different kind of Kung Pao chicken while studying in small town Camrose, Canada. Quickly realising that cooking his favourite Asian dishes is better, Thiviyan recreates his version of Chicken Dum Briyani and Sugee cookies – a Deepavali favourite – make sure you give it a try!

3 reasons why you should consider a career in Singapore’s tech industry

Singapore is more than just a global financial centre. It is also an innovative technology hub – a miniature Silicon Valley in the heart of Southeast Asia. Blue-chip companies like Amazon and IBM have piloted ground-breaking projects here, and there is strong support for budding tech entrepreneurs to start their businesses. For tech graduates brimming with fresh ideas, there is no shortage of career opportunities: just ask the 1,132,264 young professionals living and working in Singapore today! So if you are keen on working in a tech ecosystem that’s going places, look no further.

Love, actually

Eve Wee-Ang shares why as she pens her own love letter to Singapore for National Day.

From the Red Dot to Outer Space: 5 Things We Learnt from a Singaporean NASA Researcher

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do important work at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA. That’s what Singaporean scientific researcher Poh Gang Kai discovered when he was hired by NASA to work at the Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland. His role is studying the space environment on Mars so that humans can, as one famous television show proclaimed, boldly go where no one has gone before.

Nurturing Artificial Intelligence to be more inclusive

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to artificial intelligence, but there is still a lot of misunderstanding and fear surrounding the topic. Stanford Sloan Fellow Lin Zhihao and former Head of Asia, Teralytics reveals more about how artificial intelligence and machine learning can make a large impact on Singapore.

Welcome To Singapore Global Network

They say you don’t shoot what it looks like, but what it feels like. Hear from Makiyo Lio, a Singaporean girl who followed her dreams and took a different career path from the usual conservative route. After buying her first camera at the age of 17, I guess you could say the rest is history. She shares her journey through the years, and some tips for young aspiring photographers!